Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

James Myers

Coolidge Municipal Airport Manager

131 W Pinkley Ave

Coolidge, AZ 85128

Phone:   (520) 723-6075

Fax:      (520) 723-6079

Email:   jamesm@coolidgeaz.com


The City of Coolidge, sponsor of Coolidge Municipal Airport, has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26. The City anticipates receiving federal financial assistance from the Department of Transportation (DOT) for projects during the period of Federal Fiscal Years 2022-2024 and, as a condition of receiving this assistance, must comply with 49 CFR Part 26.

The Airport has established an overall annual goal for DBE participation of 3.47% of the total dollar amount of federal contract grants. This proposed goal and the methodology used to arrive at the goal are available for public review and comment at the link below. Comments and questions may be sent to John Coliton of Kimley-Horn at john.coliton@kimley-horn.com.