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http://www.aphf.org American Police Hall of Fame and Museum - Founded in
1960, this is the nation's first national police museum and memorial
dedicated to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

Arizona Public Record.com http://www.arizonapublicrecord.com  - Created
as a time-saving resource by professional records researchers. Many free
public record resources were lacking vital information people were searching
for. This site directs people to the information they want without the
distraction of irrelevant ads or links.

http://www.nationalcops.org Concerns of Police Survivors - COPS is a
nationwide nonprofit organization providing resources to assist in the
rebuilding of the lives of survivors of law enforcement officers killed in
the line of duty as determined by Federal government criteria.

http://www.copcar.com Cop Car dot com - Check out the photographic
collection of the American Police Car. The site features a vast array of
photographs of police vehicles from the 1920's on up to modern day.

http://www.corrections.com Corrections Connection News Network - The
first weekly news source committed to improving the lives of corrections
professionals and their families.

Criminal Justice Career Center
http://www.criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/criminal-justice-careers  -
Review 60+ criminal justice job descriptions and position requirements as
well as supporting articles.

Criminal Justice Schools http://www.legal-criminal-justice-schools.com  -
Your guide to online and campus based criminal justice schools. Prepare for
a career in a variety of related fields, start your search here.

Fight Identity Theft http://www.fightidentitytheft.com  - The goal of
this site is to make you more aware of the risks of identity theft and to
present clear steps you can take to protect yourself.

IdentityRestore.com http://www.identityrestore.com  - Site dedicated to
assist in the repair of damage from identity theft. Includes links to free

National http://www.victimsofcrime.org  Center for Victims of Crime -
Useful information for crime victims. Database of over 8,500 agencies to
refer victims to appropriate local services anywhere in the country.

Never <http://www.petidtags.org/>  Lost Pet - Pet ID Tags. Custom engraved
for your beloved dog or cat in stainless steel, brass aluminum or plastic.

NJLawman.com http://www.njlawman.com/index.htm  - The home of Law
Enforcement! News, issues, videos, tactics, schools, resources,
investigation resources, and more. For NJ officers, for all officers.

 http://www.peaceofficerministries.org Peace Officer Ministries - POM
serves as a resource for officers, chaplains, police agencies, churches and

 http://www.policecareer.com Police Career Books, Services - The national
leader in Law Enforcement pre-employment and promotional test preparation.

PoliceOne.com http://www.policeone.com  - PoliceOne is the most popular
destination for Police Officers, Cops & Law Enforcement. Find breaking news
and video, products, jobs & more on PoliceOne.

Real Police http://www.realpolice.net  - Law Enforcement resources.  

Trauma Intervention http://www.tipnational.org  Program - TIP is a
national nonprofit organization founded in 1985 to provide immediate
on-scene support to victims of tragic events.

http://www.fugitivehunter.org/usmostwanted.html U.S. Most Wanted -
Listings of law enforcement police agencies that have access to a server
providing information on their most wanted fugitives.

Volunteers in Police http://policevolunteers.org  Service - VIPS assists
citizens in supporting the efforts of their state and local law enforcement
agencies to protect communities from crime and terrorism.

www.RehabSpot.com/Treatment/The-Benefits-Of-Rehab - Benefits of Rehabilitation