Application Process

Welcome and thank you for considering employment with the City of Coolidge. We want to wish you the best of luck in your career search. Please read and follow the application process outlined below.
1. Read the Job Announcement carefully before you apply. Job announcements contain special instructions and requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet those requirements. If you have not seen a job announcement, you can request one through the Human Resources Department. Applications are only accepted for current openings.
2. Answer all questions completely and in detail.
3. Print clearly in dark ink or type. Give complete and accurate information.
4. Sign the application and any other forms provided.
5. Retain a copy of the application for your files. The original, signed application must be received by the closing date of the recruitment. The Human Resources Department does not supply copies.
6. Submit the application and any additional supplements, as applicable, to the Human Resources Department at the City of Coolidge, 130 W. Central Avenue Coolidge, Arizona, 85228. Additional information may not be accepted after the close of the filing period. Applications are not accepted via e-mail or fax.
7. Your application and all attachments become the property of the City of Coolidge and cannot be returned. Work samples, letters of recommendation and the like may be submitted with the application.
8. The incomplete or improper completion of an application by the deadline date will result in the application being rejected.
9. Contact the Human Resources Department if you have any questions about completing the application or if there is any change to your name, address and/or telephone number.
10. Include this instruction sheet when submitting your application. (These instructions are on the first page of the application.)
1. Show complete experience for each position beginning with your present or last position (including military experience) for the last 10 years. Do not state "See Resume."
2. A resume may be attached but will not be accepted in lieu of completing the employment record.
3. Use a separate sheet for continuation if necessary, following the same format as the employment record.
4. Be accurate and complete. The amount of experience and the way you describe your experience may determine whether or not you are given further consideration for the position.
5. Complete a separate application for each job that you may apply for. Photocopies are acceptable, but original signatures are required. Write the exact job title as specified on the job announcement.
6. An applicant offered City employment will be required to take a controlled substance/alcohol screening test. Employment is contingent on passing the test.
Tips for Job Applicants
* Details are important. Answer all requested information completely and accurately. Write NA (not applicable) if the question does not pertain to you.
* Do not write "See attached resume" on your application form. The City of Coolidge requires applications to be filled out as thoroughly as possible.
* Write legibly and always check for spelling and grammatical errors.
* List your most recent job as well as your most recent education first.
* Provide professional references. Make sure you ask for permission prior to using the person for a reference.
* Make sure that you sign and date your job application.
* Submit your application by the due date.