RFP - Arizona Boulevard Property Development

Arizona Boulevard Property Development

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified bidders to purchase and develop vacant City owned property located at 1400 S. Arizona Boulevard, Coolidge, Pinal County, Arizona (Pinal County Parcel Number 204-13-0030.)

It is the goal of the City of Coolidge to have an organization that will develop the property for youth and adult recreation purposes within eighteen (18) months from the close of escrow on the sale of the property.

All bidders must submit as part of their proposal a conceptual site development plan illustrating how the site will be improved for the City’s intended purpose. In addition, the proposal must include a management plan describing how the bidder proposes to use, operate, manage and maintain the facility. The winning bidder will be a strong, financially sound organization that offers a benefit to the community residents and an organization that the City would be proud to work with.

The successful bidder must complete construction of the project and obtain a certificate of occupancy within eighteen (18) months from the close of escrow on the sale of the property or the City will have the right to take back the property.

A copy of the complete Request for Proposal may be obtained from Norma Ortiz, City Clerk, 130 W. Central Avenue, Coolidge, Arizona 85128, phone number 520-723-5361, fax 520-723-7910, TDD 520-723-4653.

Sealed proposals will be received in the office of the City Clerk, Coolidge City Hall, 130 W. Central Avenue, Coolidge, Arizona, 85128 until 2:00:00 p.m. MST on February 23, 2024.  Failure of the proposer to complete all of the bid documents may result in the rejection of the proposal.  All bids should be identified as “RFP Arizona Boulevard Property Development.”