Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My lines are blocked and my drains are running slow, what should I do?

A. Occasionally the City sewer lines will become blocked with debris, grease or other substances. If your drains are running slow or are backing up, please notify the Public Works Dept. at 520-723-4882 during normal business hours. If it is an after-hours emergency you may contact us by calling 520-723-5311. The City has workers on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during holidays! We will dispatch a crew to your location to check our sewer lines and if the problem is within the City's lines, we will repair the problem as soon as possible. If the obstruction is within your system, we will notify you and advise you to contact a plumber.

Q. What will the City charge me to check the sewer lines?

A. This is a free service provided for the City residents. However, homeowners are responsible for their service line (from your home) to your sewer tap at the City’s Main Line.

Q. Should I call the City first or should I call the plumber first if I am having trouble with my drains?

A. Always call the City first! The City services are free and if the trouble is within our lines, we will make the repairs at our expense. Additionally, the City will not reimburse you for your plumber fees if the problem lies within the City lines and you failed to contact us initially.

Q. My plumber told me that I need to replace my lines and I need to locate my sewer and/or tap. Will the City help me find these?

A. The City will identify the main line in green paint. This service is free to City residents, however, homeowners are responsible for their service line (from your home) to your sewer tap at the City’s main line.

Q. I am a new resident, how do I start my services with the City?

A. Contact City Hall to establish service at 520-723-5361 and Development Services, for current tap-in fees and permits at 520-723-6057. Your trash and sewer charges are billed together on a quarterly basis and your billing will begin with the onset of your service.

Q. Is there a fee for connecting to the City's sewer mains?

A. New homeowners or developers wishing to tie-in to the City's sewer mains, pay a development or impact fee. Funds collected are used for the improvement or expansion of the City's wastewater treatment and collection system. More information regarding development and/or impact fees may be obtained by contacting the Development Services Office at 520-723-6075.

Q. What is a Bluestake: Arizona/811? Why do I need it and how much does it cost?

A. Anytime you are going to be digging on your property including the removal of fencing, trees or plants, etc., you should call for a "Utility Line Locate" (Bluestake). "Bluestake" will contact all of the utility companies in your area and have them locate and mark where their services are located on your property. This way you will not accidentally hit or break an underground utility and possibly cause injuries, extensive damages and/or power outages. Bluestakes are free and may be reached at 800-782-5348. Unless it is a true emergency, please make sure you call for your Bluestake several days in advance.

Q. I think I have sewer roaches, what can I do?

A. Occasionally roaches may appear in people's homes and are commonly mistaken for sewer roaches. Roaches may be eliminated by using a relatively nontoxic insecticide called Boric Acid. Boric Acid may be purchased at Hardware Stores and Home Improvement Stores. As with all household chemicals, please follow the directions carefully.

Q. What can I do about sewer smells coming from my drain?

A. During our hot summer months, drains that are not used on a regular basis may "dry out" and allow the sewer smell to escape through the trap in your drain. If your drain has dried out, simply run enough water down your drain to flush out your line and to refill the trap. If possible, open your windows for a few moments to let fresh air ventilate and circulate through your home. In most cases sewer smell can be eliminated by running a small amount of water down all of your inactive drains on a regular basis.