Business License

The following is necessary prior to the issuance of a business license:

1.       The entire application must be completely filled out.  If your business sells alcoholic beverages enclose a copy of the liquor license along with your application.


2.       If you are a contractor licensed by the State of Arizona provide the city with a copy of your contractor’s license.


3.       A business license cannot be issued until all debts with the city are cleared and it has been verified that the proposed business is a legitimate use in the appropriate zoning district, and the facility to be occupied meets the minimum building code.


4.       All applications from out of town or state proposing business will be cleared with the Coolidge Department of Public Safety.


5.       A decision on the license will be made within 90 working days.  Please see Senate Bill 1598 Compliance under the City Hall tab on this website for more information.  You may call or stop by to see if the application has been approved.  If the application has been approved the license will be issued at that time.


6.       The annual fee for the business license will cover the period extending until the next September 30th.  The fees are based on Ordinance No. 14-10.


Please be advised that there is a 3% Transaction Privilege Tax imposed upon the gross income from the business activity upon every person engaging or continuing in the business of leasing or renting real property located within the State of Arizona.  This tax applies if you own any of the following:


1.  commercial rental

2.  three (3) or more residential rental units within the State of Arizona.

3.  a combination of one commercial rental unit plus at least one residential rental unit.

4.  a property manager is subject to the tax imposed upon rental,leasing, or licensing of real property, even if such rental, leasing,or licensing would be deemed "casual" if his principal managed such real property himself.


We urge you to make sure you are in compliance, as the Department of Revenue conducts tax audits within the City of Coolidge and identifies individuals who are subject to this tax.

For more information you can contact:


Finance Department

130 W. Central Ave.

Coolidge, AZ  85128

Phone: (520) 723-5361 

Fax: (520) 723-7910


Business License Application in PDF Format: