Trash Container Etiquette

Items that cannot be placed in the trash container include:
Paint and paint by-products
Large Appliances, furniture, water heaters/softners
Hot ashes
Construction debris or roof shingles
Large tree limbs
Dirt, rock and concrete materials
Fuel tanks or fuel cans
Hazardous, Industrial, Medical or Radioactive Wastes
Chemical by-products
Used Oil
Untreated sewage
Any item that may become lodged inside of the container
Any item that may be too heavy or bulky for the trash
truck to pick up with the gripper arm

How can I assist the City Sanitation crew?

A.           You can assist our crews by complying with by the following rules and guidelines:


1.          Do not stack garbage on top of or on the side of your container.  Overloaded containers or trash placed  around your container will not be picked up. 

2.           Please bag and securely tie all garbage before placing it into the trash can. Only household trash should be placed inside of your container.                              

3.           Make sure that you have your container at the curb before 5am on your normally scheduled pickup days.  Also make sure that the lid of the trash can is facing the street.

4.           The area around your container must be free of obstacles. Obstructed containers will not be picked up until the next scheduled collection day.

5.           The lid of your container should be kept closed at all times so that flies, mosquitoes and other insects are not attracted to the contents of your container.

6.           Your trash container is intended for household rubbish only.  Bulky items may become lodged inside of your trash can and they may prevent your container from being emptied completely or cause trash to fall onto the ground during pickup.  If this occurs it is your responsibility to dislodge anything wedged inside of your container and to pick up any trash that may have fallen onto the ground.

7.            Bulky items, metals and other heavy objects inside of your trashcan are not permitted as our equipment is unable to pick up excessively overweight containers and items of this nature will cause unnecessary damage to your container.  Damage to our equipment or to your container due to overweight items will be the homeowner's and/or tenant's expense and responsibility.


**If you are a City resident and have bulk trash and would like to reserve our 8 yard roll-off bin, please call the Public Works Department @ 723-4882 between 7 am and 1 pm.  The bins are on a first-come, first-served basis: make sure you make your reservations well in advance.  The roll-off bins are not permitted for use for removal of building materials, hazardous wastes, concrete or soil.  Roll-Off Bin Agreement

Our Public Works Yard is open Mon. thru Fri. from 7am am until 1 pm for City residents to dispose of items too large to fit into the trash container.  We are located @ 355 South 1st Street.  Please check in @ the Public Works Office before entering the yard.  We do not accept hazardous materials, building materials, soil or concrete.

You must be current on your Sewer and Trash bill before using either of these two services.