CART Route Optimization Study

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SCMPO and CART present proposed recommended alternatives to CART inter-city bus route

Public Open House on September 28th, 2022

Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (SCMPO) and the city of Coolidge are sharing information on the new, streamlined CART service, recommended in the CART Route Optimization Study (CART ROS).

The CART ROS has evaluated historical and current conditions of the route and potential service alternatives to identify service recommendations aimed at improving efficiency and service of the route.

The recommended streamlined route changes are:

· Removal of greyhound service and Love’s gas station stop

· Addition of stops at Walmart in Coolidge, Downtown Casa Grande, and Fry’s

· Consolidation of the current seven daily loops into five that better serve the current demand

The public can find more information on the new, streamlined CART service at the Public Open House. Meeting details are:

CART ROS Public Open House

Wednesday September 28th, 2022

4:00pm - 6:00pm

City of Coolidge Council Chambers

911 S Arizona Blvd

Coolidge, AZ 85128

This map demonstrates the Study Area of the CART Route Optimization Study.

Study Area (click to see full size)


The Central Arizona Regional Transit (CART) system provides intercity transit service between Casa Grande, Coolidge, and Florence in Pinal County, Arizona. CART Ridership has declined over recent years, an issue that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and has resulted in the system providing less community benefit for the investment. The Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization is conducting a study in partnership with the City of Coolidge that will develop recommendations for improving the efficiency and ridership of the CART system.

The 2016 Coolidge Transit Plan took an in-depth look at both the CART and Cotton Express transit services, operated by the City of Coolidge, and developed recommendations for expanding the coverage and usability of these systems. Since 2016, there have been updates to the CART route to enhance connectivity and transit coverage. There has also been a large amount of growth and employment development within the region since the 2016 study. The combination of these factors means that reevaluating the CART routing against regional demographics and destinations could reveal opportunities for improving the efficiency and attractiveness of the system to riders.

Goals and Objectives:

Magifying Glass   Evaluate the current system, including the current routing, ridership, where transit is most needed, and how CART compares to similar systems.

Money icon   Identify current constraints of staff, vehicle inventory, and funding of the existing system to recommend improvements to the efficiency of the CART route.

   Evaluate the existing organizational structure of the City of Coolidge Transit staff and associated administrative activities to potentially reduce time or cost of administration of the transit system.

Megaphone icon   Design marketing materials that will aid the City of Coolidge in increasing awareness and ridership of the CART system.



Project Management Plan

CART Fact Sheet

Working Paper 1: Existing Conditions

Working Paper 2: Alternatives Analysis