ADA Request and Procedures


This procedure ensures the reasonable accommodation of qualified individuals with disabilities with regard to city employment and participation in city programs, facilities and activities.

The City of Coolidge shall provide reasonable accommodation to qualified disabled applicants, employees and citizens.

A person’s physical or mental condition is personal and confidential. City employees who have access to an applicant’s request for accommodation are to maintain that individual’s privacy and take reasonable precautions to prevent unnecessary distribution of such information.

In any case where a disabled person requests an accommodation and in any case where a disabled person is provided with a reasonable accommodation, documentation is required by completing the Request for Accommodation form located on the City’s website at and provided by the city. Any denial of a request for accommodation may be made only by the city manager or his designee.



  1. When an individual with a disability desires an accommodation in order to participate in an employment opportunity, program, facility or activity or for any other reason, the person shall complete the Request for Accommodation Form.


  1. Any Request for Accommodation received by an employee or officer of the city shall be forwarded to the respective department director or his designee and handled in accordance with applicable departmental procedures.


  1. If an accommodation is provided by a department or by any other officer or division of the city, a Record of Accommodation Form shall be completed with the original request and sent to the investigator and the director of the specified department.


  1. If a Request for Accommodation is denied by a department director or his designee, the Denial of Request for Accommodation Form shall be completed and forwarded to the investigator and the director of the specified department for review. If the investigator does not agree with the denial, he/she shall return the denial to the department with specific recommendations or directions. If the investigator concurs with the denial, the denial shall be sent to the city manager or his/her designee for review and action.


  1. No Denial of Request for Accommodation is effective without approval of the city manager or his/her designee.