Frequently Asked Questions


What age groups can participate in the Summer Reading Program?
ANYONE! However, participants must sign up on the correct sheet for their ages. Those 12 and under must use the One World, Many Stories sign-up sheet. Students 13 and older sign up on the You Are Here teen sign-up sheet. Note: high school students who have already turned 18 can participate in the teen program, as well, but must show a student ID. Adult participants must be on the Novel Destinations sheet.

How can babies take part in a reading program?
One of our jobs at the library is to foster a relationship between kids and books.  The way that we help provide that for babies and toddlers is by giving parents, grandparents, siblings or other family and friends in a child’s life the opportunity to read to them.  When children listen to others read, it is their first step towards becoming readers.

What kind of things should I read?
The library does not specify what kinds of material our participants read.  However, you should be reading something appropriate for your reading skill level.  In other words, a sixth-grader (reading at a 6th grade level) should not be tracking each 50 pages read from a picture book.

Why are there options for reading books, pages and time?
We have strived to make the SRP fair to participants of all ages and reading abilities.  In order to do that, we have allowed participants and their parents to determine how to track their progress.

Which option should I use to track my progress?
This is up to participants or the parents keeping track of their reading logs.  It is a good idea to time your reading to see how you do using each system.  For example, those readers 8-12 must track every 50 pages or every 30 minutes.  If you cannot finish 10 pages in six minutes, it is best to use the time option, as that would fill more entries for your reading level.

How can kids compete using different tracking methods?
The library is using the same equivalency that is on the reading logs.  All entries for the youth readers will be translated to minutes.  One picture book will equal 15 minutes and each page will be translated to .6 minutes.  We then compare the total number of minutes to others in the same age group to determine the top readers.  

What are the age groups for prizes?
(0 – 2)      (3 – 5)     (6 – 7)       (8 – 9)       (10 – 12)       (13 +over)

What if I read more than what is required for each entry, but not enough to fill two entries?
The incentive prizes will be based on the number of entries.  Bonus prizes will be based on the total number of books, minutes or pages read.  Example:  An 8-year-old reads for 40 minutes each morning.  He fills in 10 entries with 40 minutes each.  He will only earn 1 prize for these 400 total minutes, even though only 300 are required.  The “extra” 100 minutes still go toward the total for the bonus prizes.  Any incentive prizes that are not earned during the summer will be given out when the results are completed.

What about teen readers who read books with a lot more than 180 pages?
With the number of participants, staff will not have time to calculate how many times a reader completes 180 pages.  We have to count 1 book as 1 entry during the summer, no matter how long it may be.  After the reading log is turned in, we will determine who has completed the most pages.  Anyone who has read more than 1,800 pages will have completed the teen requirements, and is eligible for a bonus prize, even if that was three 600-page books, instead of ten 180-page books.

Can I read graphic novels or manga instead of chapter books?
If you are tracking time spent reading, you can read anything.  Just make sure that each entry you fill out reflects 15 minutes or more for readers up to age 7; each entry should be 30 minutes or more for readers ages 8-12.  Teens do not have the time option, so those in the teen program must first have approval from library staff to track graphic novels. Once approved, your reading log will be initialed and every five graphic novels will count as 1 completed book.  Keep in mind that even graphic novels must have a minimum of 180 pages to use this 5 for 1 exchange.

What if a participant can’t read books at his grade level?
We can make exceptions for these cases, but an adult must talk to the library manager or program coordinator for this arrangement. We will determine what changes can be made and this will be annotated on the reading log. This must be done BEFORE you track your reading. If we make an exception for your reader, there must be a staff signature on the map page.

How do we win prizes?
Incentive prizes are won throughout the summer as entries are completed.  For the youth readers, every 10 entries earns them a prize.  For teen readers, each completed book earns a prize.  The big games and toys that you see in the library are bonus prizes and will go to those who complete all entries on their reading log.

What if I am a teen and end up with a baby prize?
All readers will get to choose their prizes from those available.  Once reading logs are turned in, the total number of books, minutes and pages are tallied and we get the top three readers from six different age groups.  Those readers/parents are contacted and they will be the first to choose the prizes that they want.  All other readers who have completed the log will have their names drawn to determine the order of winners. This year, the drawing will be done prior to the End of Summer Reading Party. Winners will be on a list and teen winners will get to choose prizes first.

When do we get our bonus prizes?
Because top readers are notified as soon as the results are in, they will be the first to have the chance to pick their prize and take it home.  Readers in the drawing will receive their prize at the End of Summer Reading Party on July 22nd at the Youth Center.  Drawing will take place in the children’s are of the Coolidge Public Library on Thursday, July 21st at 2:00 p.m.

Can I leave after I get my prize at the End of Summer Reading Party?
You are not required to stay after you receive your prize. The lists will be up and all those in attendance will be lined up to get their prizes in the order of the drawing.

What if a winner can’t go to the End of Summer Reading Party?
You do not lose your prize by not being there, but you do lose the chance of choosing it before those whose names are drawn after you. If you know your child is unable to attend, you may send someone in your place, but we must have that person’s name before the prizes are distributed. The following week, we will contact winners who were unable to attend.  You can then come into the library and chose from the remaining prizes.

Where did all the prizes come from?
Prizes were obtained from a combination of financial contributions, games and prizes that were donated by various organizations or individuals, as well as library funds for programming. The City of Coolidge provided funds that allowed us to purchase crafts for all events throughout the summer and bonus prizes for top readers.

Why give out prizes just for reading?
In today’s world we receive so much information via radio, television and multimedia experiences, yet none of these avenues has the ability to educate as the fundamental skill of reading.  It is observed that children and teenagers who love reading have comparatively higher IQs. They are more creative and do better in school and college.  Reading is said to significantly help in developing vocabulary, and reading aloud helps to build a strong emotional bond between parents and children. The children who start reading from an early age are observed to have good language skills, and they grasp the variances in phonics much better. This isn’t “just” reading; we are rewarding kids for continuing to learn throughout the summer.

Who donated items and money?
Some contributions were made anonymously.  Others came from local companies that support the library and community.  Our sponsors will be given credit at any event which their contribution made possible.  The best way for us to thank them is by giving them support.  Here is a list of Summer Reading Program donors:

Pinal Hispanic Council
Bank of the West
Coolidge Engine & Pump, LLC
Arizona Cardinals
Phoenix Zoo
Manatee Tire & Auto, Inc.

Are there specific ages for the events at the library?
Yes.  The Preschool StoryTime is designed for kids up to age 4.  Family StoryTime is for kids ages 4-7.  The Family Craft is for any age, but parents will need to be there to assist their children. These events are open to kids of any age, but keep in mind that they may be above or below their level of interest.

Does it need to be a parent to sign up a child?
No.  We require that an adult signs up any participant for the program or any of the summer events, but if you are not the parent or guardian, be sure that he or she is aware that the child has been signed up.