Local Utility Companies

Sewer: City of Coolidge, New resident: 520-723-5361   Questions on service: 520-723-4882

Trash: Right Away Disposal - 520-881-4227

Water: Arizona Water Company:520-723-5346

Gas: Southwest Gas:877-860-6020

Irrigation: BIA (San Carlos Irrigation Project) 520-723-5408

Telephone: Century Link: 800-244-1111


Arizona Public Service:520 421-8400

BIA (San Carlos Irrigation Project: 520-723-6209

ED2:   520-723-7741

Hohokam: 520-723-7751

Cable TV: COX Communications: 800-929-5118

Direct TV: 1-888-777-2454

Dish TV: 1-888-434-0112

Arizona/811/Blue Stake before digging (1-800-STAKEIT)


Arizona Water Company new customer service location in Coolidge:

On Monday, February 7, 2022, their new Coolidge Operations Center will be open for business and serving its customers from the new location. They are moving their current Coolidge Division Office from 448 West Central Avenue to their new Coolidge Operations Center located at 351 N. Arizona Boulevard in Coolidge, Arizona.