MedReturn Box located at Coolidge Police Station - 911 S. Arizona Blvd.

Prescription Drug Take Back

Prescription drug abuse is an issue that affects thousands of families, and such substances are often all too readily available for curious children or teenagers.  A recent nationwide FDA study among 13- to 17-year-olds suggests that 28 percent of teens surveyed admitted to taking prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them. Some children see taking the drugs as acceptable – they think that since a doctor prescribed them to a family member it is okay for them to partake themselves. “Pharm Parties” have also become a trend among teens –events when partygoers each bring any prescription medication and mix the pills into a large bowl for random consumption.  Adding alcohol to this deadly equation increases the dangerous consequences even more.

Not only are the health consequences for taking someone else’s prescription medication extremely dire, but the “it’s no big deal” mentality of many teens and adults that heightens the reason for concern.  Abuse of prescription drugs can lead to overdose, seizures, heart attack, and/or death.  The duty falls on the parents/caregivers to provide insight into the dangers of prescription drug abuse and to properly dispose of expired and unused/unneeded medications.  Flushing medicines are not recommended for the vast majority of prescription drugs because of recent reports that have noted trace amounts of medicine in the water system (according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

To battle this issue the Coolidge Police Department and Coolidge Youth Coalition have come together to create a city-wide “Drug Take-Back Program”. This comprehensive program helps to educate the public on why it’s important to properly dispose of unused and unwanted prescription drugs, keeping them out of our children’s hands and out of our water supply.

A specially designed drug disposal receptacle is located in the Coolidge Police Department lobby. The public can place drugs and unwanted medicines in a safe and secure collection unit, available on a year round basis. Look for the green receptacle in the front lobby.

Help the Coolidge Police Department and the Coolidge Youth Coalition combat the alarming rates of misuse with these potentially dangerous drugs. Keep track of the amount of medicine you have, lock it up, and drop off any unused or unneeded medications at the Coolidge Police Departments disposal receptacle. Be safe and take the initiative to educate your children that taking someone else’s prescription is not only an unhealthy choice, but also an illegal choice with deadly consequences.

Please be aware that we cannot accept:

* needles or syringes

* inhalers, bloody or infectious waste

* empty medication containers

* aerosol cans

* hydrogen peroxide

* thermometers

* NON-prescription powders, lotions and gels.

This container is for public use and not designed for business or clinical disposals.