Streets Division

Streets Division

The Streets Division is responsible for maintenance and repairs of over 80 miles of streets and alleys within the City limits. The Division is responsible for the installation, repair and replacement of street name and traffic control signs, weed control along street rights-of-way and other City owned properties, and for providing support on a periodic basis to other Public Works Divisions and City Departments. The Division accomplishes maintenance and repairs on the runways, taxiways, aprons, and other areas at the Coolidge Municipal Airport on an as-needed basis. For any questions regarding Streets Division, please call the Public Works office at (520)723-4882.

The Division consists of 10 permanent employees.

Steet Manager: Robert Culbertson

10 Streets Division workers: Terry Bishop, James East, Billy Posey, David Posey, and Tommy Thompson, Ernesto Leon, Shaherah Smith, Silas Femiani, John Celaya, Braedon Ward
Inmate laborers provided by the Arizona Department of Corrections are used on a regular basis to supplement the various Streets Division work crews.



As available funding sources such as the Highway Users Fund, Pinal County Road Tax Fund, and Community Development block grants permit, streets are resurfaced or reconstructed based upon such factors as the condition of the existing surface and the date the street was last repaired.

Chip seal surface treatment projects are scheduled and completed in the late spring and early summer months and major reconstruction projects may be scheduled throughout the year.

Information on current or future street projects may be obtained by contacting the Public Works Director at (520)723-4882.