General Information



 1.      The property to be rehabilitated must be located in the City of Coolidge.

 2.      The Housing Rehabilitation Program may assist families at moderate, low moderate and very low incomes.

 3.      The property must be owner occupied as a primary residence.

 4.      The home must be suitable for rehabilitation under the time and funding constraints of the Housing Rehabilitation Program.

 5.      Income guidelines by HUD will be utilized to determine income eligibility.

 6.      The program will assist any low/ moderate-income person within the City regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, handicapped, familial status, etc.

 7.      Preference will be given to very low-income persons, elderly, persons with disabilities and families with children under 18 based upon the funding available for the program.

 8.      Properties rehabilitated through this program must be free of any encumbrances such as liens or judgments.  Properties may be encumbered by a mortgage in first position so long as a financial institution or other such mortgage company holds that mortgage; however, there must be sufficient equity remaining to justify placing a lien for the rehabilitation deferred payment loan in second position.  Properties encumbered by mortgages held by individuals or partnerships are not eligible for this program.  Mortgage payments, utility payments and insurance premiums must all be current.

 9.      Any property where the cost of rehabilitation will exceed the value of finished property may be eligible for full replacement depending upon the cost associated with replacing the housing unit.  

 10.  The property must be covered by homeowner’s insurance during the rehabilitation of the property and the owner must maintain insurance coverage during the life of the deferred payment lien.

 11.  Income eligibility for a loan is limited to households whose incomes do not exceed 80% of area median income (AMI) for Pinal County based upon family size.  Depending upon funding source the City and the funder may agree to focus assistance to low income households (below 50% of AMI).

 12.  Determination of eligible projects to be included in this rehabilitation program shall be two fold based on the applicant and the property.  The Evaluation Review Team composed of the City Manager, Grants Coordinator and the assigned Housing Rehabilitation Specialist shall review each application to confirm eligibility and that the project meets the criteria of the housing rehabilitation program.