Frequently Asked Questions

We know that applicants frequently feel lost in the process of applying for employment. To make the system work for you, we have developed this brief summary of the most frequently asked questions. Whether you are applying for the first time or have previously filed an application, this information will be useful to you.
The following information is intended as a guide, and as such may not answer all your questions. Therefore, please feel free to request additional information by calling Human Resources at 520-723-5361.
All open positions within the City are posted on the City of Coolidge Web site and in the Human Resources Office, and they are updated every Friday after 5 p.m. Make a point to check the Employment section at regularly so that you don't miss an opportunity.
Q. What is an Open Competitive job opening?
A. Job openings that are listed as open competitive are open to anyone who wishes to apply.
Q. Can I apply for a position any time I wish?
A. The City of Coolidge only accepts applications for open positions, that is, any position which has been announced and for which we are actively recruiting. General applications are not accepted to keep on file unless the position is open.
Q. Can I take a spare application home for future recruitments?
A. Yes, however, many recruitments include different types of supplements, and therefore your application would be incomplete if it did not include completions of supplemental requirements.
Q. How will I know what jobs I'm qualified for and when to apply?
A. Whenever a position becomes available for open recruitment, the City of Coolidge issues a Job Announcement for the position. The Job Announcement contains a brief job description, statement of minimum training and experience qualifications and a description of any special qualifications that may be required, i.e., licenses, certifications, etc. An opening and closing date appear on every Job Announcement. You must be certain your application is received in Human Resources by 5 p.m. Arizona time on the closing date. This means you must allow ample time if you are mailing your application (postmark alone is insufficient).
Q. If I want to apply for more than one job, do I have to file more than one application?
A. Yes. You must submit a separate job application for each job. You may apply for as many jobs as you wish, as long as the positions are currently open.
Q. What should I do if my address or phone number change?
A. Notify Human Resources immediately. We will make the necessary changes to your records. If we are unable to contact you because you have moved or changed your phone number, your name may be withdrawn from further consideration.
Q. If I've previously completed an application, will I automatically be considered for other positions?
A. You must submit a separate application for all positions you are interested in. You may submit a copy of your application if you prefer, but remember that your application is evaluated on how well your training and experience match the particular position for which you are applying. A master application might not do you justice in every case.
Frequently Asked Questions (cont.)
Q. How does Human Resources determine if I qualify for a position?
A. The Human Resources staff, assigned to the recruitment, reviews the application submitted to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications and special requirements as stated on the job announcement.
Include not only paid work experience, but all other experience which may apply to the job, i.e., volunteer experience, licenses, professional affiliations, classes you have taken, training you have received and any other special qualifications. Failure to include all information requested could result in the rejection of your application. With accurate and complete information, we will be able to determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications for the job.
Q. What happens after I file my application?
A. You will receive written notification that your application has been received. Applicants meeting the minimum qualifications will be placed on an Eligibility List. The hiring department reviews those applications placed on the Eligibility List and provides an interview list to HR. HR then contacts the candidates to be interviewed. If you are interviewed, you will receive written notification thereafter.
Q. What is an eligibility list?
A. An Eligibility List is the list that is established after a recruitment has been conducted. The list contains those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for a specific position. Usually, eligibility lists expire one year from the date the position closes; however, Human Resources reserves the right to extend the life of an eligibility list or expire the list early.
Q. What are the steps or stages of the selection process?
A. The steps of the selection process vary depending upon the position. For example, an application screening and selection interview may be all that is required. On the other hand, you may be required to pass a written exam. A performance test may be required for a position requiring certain skills, such as typing or the operation of heavy equipment. For other positions, you may be required to participate in an oral board examination. Decisions about the selection process are made by the hiring authority and Human Resources when the position opens.
Q. What should I do if I am called for an interview?
A. Be sure that you know:
* time and place you should appear for the interview
* phone number (important if you can't make it or an emergency occurs)
* name of person who contacted you
* to whom you should report for the interview
* how long the interview is scheduled to take
* the job for which you are being considered
Since an eligibility list may be used by more than one department, Human Resources may not know who contacted you. It is important that you get the above information when contacted. If you may need a reasonable accommodation in the interview, request it prior to the interview.
Q. What if I am not selected or not interviewed?
A. Our objective is to hire the best person for the job, so competition is keen. If you are not successful in getting a job immediately, your name will remain on the eligibility list for consideration for any other vacancies that occur until the list expires if you meet the minimum qualifications. If you are not hired during that time, you must wait for another recruitment and reapply. It is a good idea to keep your original notifications from the Human Resources Department. This way you will know what eligibility lists you are on. Do not be discouraged if you do not get a job offer the first time you apply. Try again.