Suspect in Shell case

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AGGRAVATED ROBBERY BULLETIN - On Monday, November 21, 2011 at approximately 12:20 AM two men cut the power to and entered the Shell Super Stop convenience store at 780 N. Arizona Blvd. in Coolidge, Arizona. One suspect pointed a black colored handgun (possible toy) at the clerk and demanded that she open the safe. The suspect was wearing a blue bandana around his nose and mouth area and wore a hood or hat on his head, which covered his hair. At one point during the robbery the victim pulled down the bandana, revealing part of the suspect’s face. Suspect #1 punched the victim several times and then both suspects left the store with the victim’s blue cell phone which is missing its back cover. Click for more information on this bulletin.

ARMED ROBBERY AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, at approximately 1059 hours Coolidge Police Department officers responded to the report of an armed robbery/aggravated assault at the Anthem Thrift Store. The store’s elderly owner was robbed by a male suspect who entered the store. He lingered near the video section for approximately 30 minutes prior to demanding money from the register while armed with a claw hammer. The suspect also grabbed a golf club in the store and attacked the store owner. The two began wrestling and the owner and suspect fell into a jewelry case, crashing to the floor behind the purchase counter. The store owner is unsure if the suspect was hurt during the altercation, but numerous areas stained with blood were located throughout the store. The suspect got away with approximately $100 and left the store owner injured and bleeding. A witness provided police with a photograph of the suspect fleeing the scene shedding clothing. The suspect is descried as a white male, approximately 20-25 years of age, brown hair, wearing a gray hoodie, dark sunglasses and blue jeans.