Suspect #1 Composite

Aggravated Robbery Bulletin

African American Male
Late teens, early 20’s
5’6 – 5’7” in height, slim build, 150 lbs.
Medium-dark complexion, dark eyes
Dark blue sweater with white writing
Hood or hat over head
Blue bandana over nose and mouth
May have a scratch on his face

Dark clothing
Carrying a large tan bag

On Monday, November 21, 2011 at approximately 12:20 AM two men cut the power to and entered the Shell Super Stop convenience store at 780 N. Arizona Blvd. in Coolidge, Arizona. One suspect pointed a black colored handgun (possible toy) at the clerk and demanded that she open the safe. The suspect was wearing a blue bandana around his nose and mouth area and wore a hood or hat on his head, which covered his hair. At one point during the robbery the victim pulled down the bandana, revealing part of the suspect’s face. Suspect #1 punched the victim several times and then both suspects left the store with the victim’s blue cell phone which is missing its back cover.

COOLIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT requests your assistance with identifying suspects involved in this robbery.

If you have any information concerning this robbery and/or the identity of the suspects, please call 520-723-5311.

Sergeant R. Smith

Detective A. Walker