License Fee Questions and Answers

Why do I have to license my dog?

State law requires all dogs over the age of three (3) months to be vaccinated against rabies. The license requirement is to allow city or county agencies to ensure that the dog has a current rabies vaccination. It also gives animal control agencies a way to identify the owner of an impounded animal so they can get the animal back home.

My dog always stays in my house, does it have to be licensed?

Yes. All dogs over the age of three months, regardless if they never leave the yard. You would be surprised how many animals are impounded every month and the owner says, "But it has never been out before!"

How do I get a license?

You must have a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian that is good for at least one year. You can come to the administrative office at 131 W. Pinkley Ave. Coolidge, AZ 85128 to obtain your license and turn in necessary paperwork. City Hall accepts all payments for license(s) (ONLY). Or you can mail the vaccination certificate to the office along with the license fee and the license will be mailed to City Hall 130 W. Central Ave. Coolidge, AZ 85128

How often must a license be renewed?

Dog licenses must be renewed upon rabies vaccination certification.

Where do I get the license?

Development Services Office (to obtain a new license)

131 W Pinkley Ave.

Coolidge, AZ 85128


**This Number is for Coolidge, Arizona**


City Hall (to pay for license)

130 W. Central Ave

Coolidge, AZ 85128


How much does a license cost?

Unaltered Dog: $30.00

Altered Dog (1 year): $15.00

Altered Dog (3 year)-Must have 3yr Vaccine: $35.00

Senior Citizen 1YR. (62YRS *Owner ID Required) - Altered Dog: $6.00

Senior Citizen 3YR. (62YRS *Owner ID Required) - Altered Dog: $18.00

Late Fee (altered): $2.00 per month

Late Fee (unaltered): $4.00 per month

Replacement Fee: $8.00 


Is proof of rabies vaccination required?

Yes, a rabies certificates is certificate is required when you purchase a new license and/or renew a dog license.