Road Closures & Maintenance

The City of Coolidge will be performing road reconstruction staring May 13th through June 11th on Attaway Rd from SR287 to Vah Ki Inn Rd. This section of roadway will be closed during construction and traffic will need to detour around the project. I have attached the current traffic control plan for your reference. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to City of Coolidge Public Works Department at 520-723-4882

Attaway Roadwork Map



The City of Coolidge will be re-constructing the following streets starting the week of February 5th:

Spruell Ave. From Az. Blvd to Dead End
Sunset Ave. From Az. Blvd. to Dead End
6th St. From Sunset Ave. to Dead End  
Reconstruction will include pulverizing of the existing pavement to a depth of 8”, re-grading the road, re-compacting and the placement of a double chip seal.  Each chip seal process consists of the application of hot liquid asphalt followed by a layer of small rock which is compacted into the street surface.  

The overall construction process will take approximately 8 – 12 weeks until final completion. The pulverization and re-grading of the existing pavement will begin at 7 am on Monday February 5th on Spruell Ave.

Access to property will be available after milling, and after each chip application, however speed limits may be reduced for a limited time during   the process to allow for proper bonding of the chip seal.

We ask that all residents park their vehicles off the street right-of-way between the hours of 6am and 4pm on days of work to allow City     
workers sufficient work space to reconstruct the street. Any vehicles in the roadway that are in conflict with the construction activities will be towed at the owner’s expense.

If you have questions or comments:
Please contact the Public Works Office at 520-723-4882.  



The City of Coolidge partnering with SRP will be reconstructing Storey Rd, Vail Rd, & Kleck Rd starting in January. Please be prepared to take an alternate route while construction is happening.

Project Map below and Construction Schedule here.

SRP Road Closure Map


Road closure on Attaway Rd from Coolidge Ave to Martin Rd.

This project is scheduled to kick off on Thursday Morning, 12/07/2023 completed end of day Friday afternoon, 12/08/2023.

 Attaway Road Closure Map



Coolidge Ave between Skousen Rd & 9th St will be undergoing thermo lane striping on Monday the 20th & Tuesday the 21st at night. Please be aware of equipment in the lanes performing road work.



Starting Wednesday 11/15/23 the west bound outside lane on Coolidge Ave from 9th St to 16th St. will be closed during the day due to sidewalk construction.

Coolidge Ave Road Construction Map


5th St. will be closed on Wednesday the 25th for utility work between Wilshire Ave and Bartlett Rd. Please plan on using an alternate route

AZ Water Road Construction Detour Map



Coolidge Ave is open from 9th to Skousen


Attention Heartland and McClellan Meadows residents:

 Access to Coolidge Ave on 19th St, 16th St and 10th St. will be closed on October 12th & 13th due to fog sealing and striping of Coolidge Ave. Please use alternate routes.

10th Street Closure Map

19th and 16th Street Closure Map



Road Closure - Coolidge Ave and Kenworthy Road Starting 9/14-9/25.

Kenworthy and Coolidge Ave Closure Map

Manhole Repair - Northern Avenue

The westbound lane of Northern Ave from 9th St to Kenworthy Ave will be closed due to manhole repairs. The project will start Friday morning 8/18/2023, and the westbound lane will be open Monday morning 8/21/2023.

Manhole Repair Northern Avenue Map



Signal Peak Rumble Strip Installation

Signal Peak Rumble Strip Project Map

Project Plans

Traffic Control Plan

Coolidge Avenue Widening Project

Coolidge Avenue Widening Project Map

Project Plans

Closure Map - Kenworthy to the Church

Closure Map - Skousen to Coolidge High School


Traffic Control Change - Coolidge Ave Project - Starting Monday, July 31, 2023

Coolidge Avenue Traffic Control Change

19th and 16th Street Closure Map