Community Service Projects

Patriot Day on September 11 honors the memory of the nearly 3,000 innocent victims who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Each year Americans dedicate this day to remembering those who died and the first responders who risked their lives to save others.

The acts of service that we will be doing in our city will help us remember and honor those who perished during the September 9/11 terrorist attack. The following year President Bush came up with the “Patriot September 9/11 National Day of Service” where citizens could gather in their communities to give service in remembrance of those citizens and first responders who died as a result of the terrorist attack.

Here's a list of parks where you can volunteer from 7am-9am on Saturday, September 10, 2022


· Paint brushes, rollers, rakes, Hula hoes, shovels, wheel barrows and trash bags will be provided.

· Water will be available at each location

· Volunteers need to bring Gloves, Hat, Sunscreen


South Entrance Sign to Coolidge 

· Paint the monument

· Pull the weeds and put in trash bags

· Replace City decal on both sides

· Remove faded signs


Hohokam Park, Northside on the Blvd

· Paint the monument

· Spread dirt around the sidewalks

· Spread rock

· Paint picnic tables


North Park

· Paint swing set

· Spread the new pile of wood chips under the swing set and play area

· Remove graffiti from the playground

· Paint the buildings

· Paint the baseball dugout roof

· Paint basketball court lines and standard


Walker Park 

· Paint swing set

· Paint canopy

· Paint the basketball court lines and standards

· Spread new wood chips in the playground area

· Remove the graffiti from the playground


Main Street Park

· Paint ramada legs

· Paint swing set

· Paint the basketball court lines and standards

· Spread new wood chips in playground area

· Remove graffiti from the playground


Skate Park

· Paint pylons

· Paint “no bikes” emblem

· Paint skid rails

· Paint swing set

· Paint over graffiti

· Fill sand in under the swing sets


San Carlos Park

· Paint yellow playground toys

· Paint the swing set

· Paint irrigation boxes

· Paint yellow electrical outlets

· Paint trim and railing around the bathrooms

· Spread sand in the playground

· Remove graffiti from the playground