Minimum Requirements for a Business Plan

              1.        All services that will be offered.

             2.        Amount of land desired to lease.

              3.        Buil~ing space that will be constructed or leased.

             4.        Number of aircraft that will be provided.

              5.        Equipment and special tooling to be provided.

             6.        Number of persons to be employed.

              7.        Short resume for each of the owners and financial backers.

8.                     Short resume of the manager of the business (if different from "7" above) including this person's experience and background in managing a business of this nature.

              9.        Periods (days and hours) of proposed operation.

              10.      Amounts and types of insurance coverage to be maintained.

              11.      Evidence of the projections for the first year and the succeeding 4 years.

              12.      Methods to be used to attract new business (advertising and incentives).

              13.      Amenities to be provided to attract business.

              14.      Plans for physical expansion, if business should warrant such expansion.