Section 5 – Action an Application


All applications will be reviewed and acted upon by the City of Coolidge with 90 days from the receipt of the application.  Applications may be denied for one or more of the fowling reasons:


  1. The applicant does not meet qualifications, standards and requirements established by the Minimum Standards.


  1. The applicant’s proposed operations or construction will create a safety hazard on the Airport.


  1. The granting of the application will require the expenditure of local funds, labor or materials on the facilities described in or related to the application, or the operations will result in a financial loss to the City of Coolidge.


  1. There is no appropriate or adequate available space or building on the Airport to accommodate the entire activity of the applicant.


  1. The proposed operation, Airport development or construction does not comply with the approved Airport Layout Plan.


  1. The development or use of the area requested will result in a congestion of aircraft or buildings, or will result in unduly interfering with the operations of any present fixed base operator on the Airport, such as problems in connection with aircraft traffic or service, or preventing free access and aggress to the existing fixed base operator area, or will result in depriving, without the proper economic study, an existing fixed base of portions of it leased area in which its is operating.


  1. Any party applying, or interested in the business, has supplied false information, or has misrepresented any material fact in the application or in supporting documents, or has failed to make full disclosure on the application.


  1. Any party applying, or having an interest in the business, has a record of violating the Rules, or the Rules and Regulations of any other Airport, Civil Air Regulations , Federal Aviation Regulations, or any other Rules and Regulations applicable to this or any other Airport.


  1. Any party applying, or having an interest in the business, has defaulted in the performance of any lease or other agreement with the City of Coolidge or any lease or other agreement at any other airport.


  1. Any party applying, or having an interest in the business, is not sufficiently credit worthy and responsible in the judgment of the City of Coolidge to provide and maintain the business to which the application relates and promptly pay amounts due under the FBO lease.


  1. The applicant does not have the finances necessary to conduct the proposed operation for a minimum period of six month.


  1. The applicant has a committed any crime, or violated any local ordinance rule or regulation, which adversely reflects on its ability to conduct the FBO operation applied for.