Section 4 Application and Qualifications


Demonstration of intent to conduct a business operation at the Airport shell be by application to the City of Coolidge.  The written application shall contain the minimum:


  1. The proposed nature of the business.  A business plan may be used to expresses the proposed nature of the business.  (See a business plan outline at APPENDIX 2.)


  1. The signatures of all parties whose names are being submitted as owning an interest in the business or will appear on leases or other documents as being a partner, director or corporate officer and those who will be managing the business.


  1. The current financial statement prepared or certified by a Certified Public Accountant.


  1. A listing of assets owned, or being purchased, or leased which will be used in the business on the airport.


  1. A current credit report for each party owning or having a financial interest in the business and a credit report on the business itself covering all geographical areas in which it has done business in the ten-year period immediately prior to such application.


  1. An agreement to provide a bond or suitable guarantee of adequate funds to the City of Coolidge to be used to defray any expenses and fees normally paid but the Lessee between the estimated time the Lessee may default and new lease is executed and another Lessee takes over.


  1. A written authorization for the FAA, any aviation or aeronautics commission, administrators, and departments of all states in which the applicant has engaged in aviation business to release information in their files relation to the applicant or its operation.  The applicant will execute such form, releases or discharges as may be required by the agencies.


  1. Preliminary plans, specifications and dates for any improvements which the applicant intends to make on the Airport as part of the activity for which approval is sought.  Applicant must comply with appropriate Review Procedures and the City of Coolidge requirements.


  1. Proof (copy or insurance company letter of interest) of liability coverage for the business operation, flight operations, itinerant aircraft and operators and premises insurance.


  1. Such other information as the Cit of Coolidge may require.